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2017, Moscow


2011, Changchun, China
6m x 6m x 2m, Stainless Steel

Any sound produced by the viewer while inside the installation’s borders can produce an echo. The dimensions of the geometric forms, the height of the figures and the spacing between them are all been studied by CHAYA to produce this phenomenon of echoing the sound even in the open space of nature.

The Matrix

2017, Dubai
200cm x 200cm x 200cm, Stainless Steel

Inspired by the Theory of Everything, which in physics explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe. The artist wanted in this Art Piece to express visually his vision of the beauty of a Matrix. Husam Chaya hopes through this Installation to give a message of peace and hope to humanity, and to say: “Connected diversity is a beauty and richness”.


2000, Lebanon
290cm x 90cm x 98cm, Marble

The first sculpture made by Husam Chaya. He was doing the 2nd year of his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts.



2010, UAE
340cm x 120cm x 120cm, Marble

The sculpture was part of ADISS 2010. An event that was organized by the ministry of culture of UAE.


2002, Lebanon
290cm x 90cm x 98cm, Marble Rose

Private collector.